Corey DIvine hip mandala tattoo sacred geometry

The Evolution of Sacred Geometry in Tattoo Art

Corey Divine
May 17, 2024

Sacred geometry has captivated human imagination for centuries, from the intricate mandalas in Hindu temples to the precise pyramids of ancient Egypt. These geometric patterns, rich with spiritual significance, symbolize harmony, balance, and the universe’s fundamental structures. Today, sacred geometry has found a new medium in the world of tattoo art, and Corey Divine is a leading figure in this evolution.

Corey’s tattoos stand out for their impeccable precision and depth. Utilizing advanced tattoo technology, he creates intricate, layered designs that resonate with deep personal and spiritual meanings for his clients. Each piece is a modern masterpiece that draws from ancient traditions, offering a unique blend of timeless art and contemporary innovation. Whether it’s a symbol of personal growth or a connection to spiritual beliefs, Corey’s work transforms sacred geometry into living art, making each tattoo not just a design, but a profound statement.

Corey DIvine hip mandala tattoo sacred geometry

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