Corey divine face tattoo mandala Los Angeles

Behind the Ink

Corey Divine
July 2, 2024

Behind the Ink: Corey Divine’s Creative Process

Corey Divine, renowned in the tattoo world with a global following, illuminates his creative process as a blend of meticulous design and personal narrative. Drawing inspiration from diverse sources such as nature, culture, and client stories, Corey begins each tattoo with an intensive conceptualization phase. Collaborating closely with clients, he transforms ideas into intricate designs, ensuring each piece resonates with personal significance. His technique blends precision with artistic flair, emphasizing detail in shading and line work to achieve striking compositions. Beyond aesthetics, Corey infuses deeper meanings, embedding symbols that reflect both individual stories and broader cultural narratives. As his style evolves, Corey remains committed to pushing artistic boundaries while maintaining the authenticity that defines his work, inspiring a global audience captivated by the artistry of tattoo storytelling.

Corey divine face tattoo mandala Los Angeles

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